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Have you ever thought about finding the right candidates with English skills from Bangladesh as your next potential employees in IT and engineering positions?

Talent shortage of IT developers is happening in the world. And many companies are seeking IT developers outside their countries. Even some countries started providing Visa for IT developers to full fill their talent shortage within counties. Or outsource their project overseas, such as China, Vietnam, India, and several Asian countries, as know as offshore.
Why don't you think about Bangladesh as the next potential country where has lots of talent pool for IT developers with English skill.

Business Meeting

Recruitiment Service for IT developer and Engineer

We will introduce skilled IT developers or engineers in Bangladesh who match your criteria for the positions.

Bangladesh is focusing on science education as a national policy, producing tens of thousands of engineering graduates every year. The top tier also includes people working for global tech companies such as Amazon, Apple, Intel, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle.

Making Notes

Advisary Service in Bangladesh

We support foreign companies where is explore their business into Bangladesh with our one-stop serve.

We have local partners in Bangladesh, from preliminary surveys at your company, establishment of bases, registration of corporations to the recruitment of human resources. We will support you all at once.

​Grasp!Bangladesh -Our Strengths-


We can also introduce mechanical / electrical, construction / infrastructure engineers

We can also introduce automotive and consumer electronics engineers who have worked at major Japanese companies and Japanese subsidiaries overseas, or site engineers who have experience in construction-related projects in the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and Africa.
In particular, there are human resources suitable for the IoT business, such as experienced engineers in network/infrastructure and control / embedded systems development.

Introducing candidates with high job aspirations overseas

We provide paid career counseling services to job seekers as "Grasp! Career Project". For jobseekers to work overseas, provide advice on counseling, creating an environment, and building a commitment to help them raise not only financial aspects but also their intrinsic motivation to "open up their own life and career." We will introduce only candidates who want to take a severe challenge through Grasp! Counseling.

We introduce a candidate only who finished a career session from Grasp!

Experienced consultants propose exclusive candidates who are looking forward to career development from a small, medium, and long-term perspective after conducting interviews and skill checks. The recruitment of foreign personnel makes the hiring process more careful and involves different concerns. Grasp! has experienced hiring a foreign employee from Asia, Europe, the United States, and Africa for the company in Japan and Vietnam.

The number of registered advanced IT personnel is increasing every day.

In Bangladesh, middle and senior-level web engineers are engaged only in downstream processes such as coder level work. As with Asian countries such as Vietnam and China, foreign-affiliated offshore development companies focusing on cost merit are starting to establish bases.

Engineers working at such foreign-owned offshore development companies are always seeking the next step, especially careers overseas.

New inquiries and registrations are received daily from full stacks, back-ends, AI engineers, and data scientists.

​The reasons your company should hire Bangladesh

  • Keen to work abroad

    Industry in Bangladesh is still developing and many young graduates are keen to work overseas for their future careers. For example, Japan is one of their desire countries to work and even after get married, there are some who go to Japan to study.

  • Work anywhere not the only City

    There are many foreign employers who want to work in the city center when they work overseas. Therefore people in Bangladesh willing to work anywhere not only the city center but also the urban area or countryside. And this is good news for the companies who don't located in the city center since it is difficult to find potential candidates.

  • English skill

    In Bangladesh, it is common to start learning English from the age of six (one year of elementary school). Students in Bangladesh take all of lectures in English. For this reason, almost all college graduates under the age of 35 can use English for business.

  • Easy going Warm personality

    In Bangladesh, where 90% of the population is Muslim, they are educated to help people who are in need from an early age. They are also a person who values connections and politeness.

  • Full stack developer

    Age Gender: 29 years old Male Desired country: Japan/Vietnam

    Daffodil International University Dropout

    English Skills: Business Level

    Desired Salary: 2,000-2,500 USD

  • Software developer

    Age Gender: 30 years old Male Experience: One and a half years work experience as a communications engineer Chittagong University of Science and Technology, Department of Telecommunications Technology English skill: Business level

    Japanese ability: Basic level (passed N5)
    Current salary: 1,500 USD (NET)
    Desired salary: 2,000-3,000 USD (NET)

  • Full stack developer

    Age Gender: 38 years old Male Experience: 16 years of experience as an engineer Desired work country: Japan Chittagong University of Science and Technology, Department of Telecommunications Technology English ability: Business level

    Japanese ability: Basic level (passed N5)
    Current salary: 2.5 million yen annual salary Desired salary: 3.5 million yen annual salary

  • Full stack developer

    Gender Age: 25 Desired Work Country: Japan
    East West University (Dhaka) Faculty of Computer Science Graduated English ability: Business level Japanese ability: Basic level (N5 passed)
    Current salary: Annual income of 1.6 million yen (equivalent)
    Desired salary: Annual income of 2.5 million yen

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineer

    Gender age 28 Years of preference Work country: Japan
    East West University (Dhaka) Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduated English: Business Level

    Japanese ability: Basic level (N5 passed)
    Current salary: Annual income 1.4 million yen (equivalent)
    Desired salary: Annual income 1.7-2 million yen

    *Has a year and a half of work experience in Myanmar.

  • Infrastructure server engineer

    Gender age: 32
    Jahangirnagar University

    Master of Computer Science English Proficiency: Business Level

    Japanese ability: Basic level (N5 passed)
    Current salary: monthly income of 1,000 USD (NET)
    Desired salary: Monthly salary 1,500-2,000 USD (NET)
    * So far, 9 years at 4 companies, working experience as SE and System Architects.

Case Study to introducing IT developers from Bangladesh​

We are introducing Bangladesh IT developers and engineers to the company in Japan and Asia.

Here is some example the companies are considering to hire them as their employee.
Not only the developing company but also the manufacturing company. 

  • Offshore company

    Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    ​This company was looking for skilled full-stack developers from anywhere in the world since they are facing lack of talent for a full-stack developer in Vietnam and its official language at the office is English. 

  • Japanese auto parts manufacturer B

    Hanoi Vietnam

    Company B in northern Vietnam, which had no recruitment experience other than Japanese and Vietnamese, succeeded in hiring a design engineer who can speak Japanese and has worked as a dispatch engineer in Japan. It was a challenge for both the company and the candidate, but his mild personality matches, and he is still active.

  • SaaS development startup Company

    Tokyo, Japan

    Successfully hired a Machine Learning engineer who has just completed an MBA at a private university in Japan.
    For the first time, Grasp! Recognized the existence of a high-spec Bangladesh engineer, and decided to hire him as an engineer despite his lack of experience.


Bangladesh Potential Candidate Profile

We will introduce some of our candidates who have already finished our career consulting session.

Expanding your business in Bangladesh

Grasp! Bangladesh supports companies that aim to expand their business in Bangladesh such as the research market, setting up companies, finding a local partner and application format.

Provide one-stop service to set up a representative office in Bangladesh

Although the number of foreign-affiliated companies entering Bangladesh is still small compared to other Asian countries, Bangladesh is expected to have the fastest economic growth in the world, with a high economic growth rate since the 1990s. Is gaining attention as one of the leading countries as the next destination.

Support recruiting service for your business in Bangladesh

We can help your company develop business in Bangladesh by supporting the recruitment of human resources who will be responsible for business after the establishment of a corporation.


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